Group Classes- $125

Group classes are held at our Training Center in Greensboro (with the exception of the Real Life class). Each class meets for 5 consecutive weeks. 


Puppy Obedience Class

For dogs ages 8 weeks to 6 months.

In the class, you will learn skills to help with common puppy behaviors. A great introductory class for starting your puppy in training. Topics include: house training, crate training, intro to leash walking, preventing problem behavior, focus commands, relationship building, and MUCH MORE!

Basic Obedience Class

For dogs ages 6 months and older. 

In the class you will learn skills to establish a foundation in training. Topics include: 


Real Life Obedience Class

This is not your average group obedience class! This is an exciting training class outlined to help you communicate with your dog in a variety of settings. Designed to prepare you and your dog for everyday challenges. Each weekly class will meet at a different location (parks, restaurants. shopping centers, hiking trails, etc.) so you can ensure your dog is well behaved in a variety of Real Life situations outside of a classroom!   This class is suited for dogs that have some basic level of obedience, either through Sitzen K9 or another training program. 

Private Training & Stay and Train 


Puppy Private Training- $150 (2 sessions)

Owning a puppy can be a real challenge.  Our Private Puppy Training is an in-home training program for dogs 8 weeks to 5 months.  This training covers all of the exciting, and challenging stages of puppyhood: introducing a puppy to his new home, crate training, potty training, teething, and more.  We will also go over problem behaviors, and how to prevent them from starting.  This is a great option for new puppy owners, as well as experienced dog owners with new dogs. This is a great intro package as the dog ages to advance to our adult training or the stay and train option!


Adult Private Training-  $300 (4 sessions) or $550 (8 sessions)

Our Adult Private Training is an in-home training program for dogs older than 5 months. Training sessions are conducted every week or two and last about an hour.  During the training sessions, the trainer shows the owners how to work with the dog.  In between sessions, it is up to the owner to do their homework with the dog.  Private training allows the training to be flexible, and can be adapted to meet the specific goals of the owner.  This option is best for owners that have the time and desire to train their dogs. 


Stay and Train- starting at $1800 

Inboard Training is the most successful training program offered by Sitzen K9 Training! As opposed to other inboard training programs where your dog may stay in a kennel with many other dogs, your dog will stay in the trainer’s home for 3 weeks.  During the 3 weeks, the dog spends the majority of the day with the trainer.  The dog will be trained in a variety of different locations including the trainer's farm, local stores, parks, and many other distracting settings.  The biggest benefit of our training program is that the training is personal and realistic.  The trainer can work with the dog in real life situations that occur around the home.  Halfway through the training, the trainer will schedule a time to meet and visit with the dog.  During this visit, you will see some results and learn how to communicate commands to your dog.  At the end of the training, the trainer will deliver the dog to you.  The trainer won’t just drop the dog off to you.  He will spend time with you and the dog, to make sure the homecoming is a smooth and successful one.  After a week back home, the trainer will return to make sure everything is still going well.  As an added bonus, you receive 3 free maintenance sessions to ensure that the dog will not revert back to old habits.


Behavior Rehabilitation- Price varies

Sitzen K9 has experience working with dogs that have severe behavior problems, such as aggression and anxiety. Dogs that exhibit severe problems will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Most of these dogs will require stay and train that may go beyond the normal 3 week time period. 



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Real Life Dog Training



Real Life Dog Training

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