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 Sitzen K9 Training is a family owned, professional dog training company in Central North Carolina. We are convenient to Raleigh, Greensboro, Fayetteville and the Sandhills, but can service most of North Carolina. We believe in taking the training out of the classroom, and into real life situations.  Classrooms provide a good location for the beginning stages of training, but intermediate and advanced training needs to challenge dogs with distractions. 
        Sitzen K9 Training feels that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to dog training.  We evaluate each individual dog, and develop a training plan that will best meet the dog's needs.  We spend a great deal of time with the owner on communicating with the dog, building the dog’s confidence, and allowing the dog to make the correct choice. 
        We believe in the balanced use of marker (or clicker) training to introduce new behaviors to dogs. The use of Operant and Classical Conditioning is a scientifically proven learning process to increase or decrease specific behaviors. Our goal is to make our expectations of the dog very black and white.  Communicating clearly to the dog is much more fair and humane for the dog.  Eventually, the dog learns to listen to us because he WANTS to, and not because he fears us.             
        Sitzen K9 Training also trains working detection dogs like Diabetes Alert Service Dogs, Bed Bug Detection, and Search and Rescue dogs.  We are proud to provide detection dogs for individuals and organizations in need of canine assistance.  Please contact Sitzen K9 Training for further information on Detection and Service Dog Training.  


About us

About James

        James has always been an animal lover. He started by training his own dogs in obedience. While working for a Sheriff's Office, he witnessed the amazing skill that the department K9s had and became interested in training working dogs. James attended various courses and schools to learn all aspects of dog training. He has traveled around the country learning from some of the best trainers in obedience, socialization, behavior modification, and detection. James eventually left the Sheriff's Office to pursue his passion and started Sitzen K9 Training. James is a member of The International Association of Canine Professionals as well as a member of the World Detector Dog Organization. He is also a certified Explosive Detection Canine Handler through the International Police Working Dog Association.  James has completed various training programs in a variety of topics including Search and Rescue, Human Remains Detection, Behavior Modification. 

Dog Trainer Greensboro James Voyatzis

"My wife Karen and I had complete trust and confidence in James and his expertise. All of our behavior concerns were addressed and corrected."


~Jason W.,  Katie's owner


"James is very calm but assertive with the dogs and has given us lots of tools to use in our "training toolbox." Two thumbs up from Max and me!"


~Nancy S., Max's owner

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